Founded by two former theorethic physicists, but not Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter (ok, ok – he is an experimental physicist), talque has been raised since 2015 by current CEO Tassilo Ott and CTO Volker Braun and has grown into a complex and mature event community tool:

Build your event communication, information, interaction and management with one tool. Inspire visitors, participants and sponsors with a fully branded event and matchmaking app that is second to none on the market. Our promise: your event has never been more interactive, your participants have never been happier! And every change you make, for example in your agenda, goes live immediately. Create your lectures, workshops and other agenda items directly in our Visual Scheduler, move them around until everything fits, and gradually assign speakers and moderators to them. Let your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, participants contribute their own content. talque solves your organizational painpoints with perfect workflows. A scalable big-table database guarantees that everything stays pretty fast and that you never technically reach your limits. The time that stays with you can be put to good use.